Product Review - Brush Bath Banila Co.

Hello everyone..
Today I want to review a brush cleanser from Banila Co. called Brush Bath. Well, actually this is the very first brush cleanser I ever buy so honestly I can't make any comparison to another brand or product. Heheh..

Anyway, washing your cosmetics or skin care brushes is very important because they always have direct contact to our skin. They 'connect' the interaction between skincare/cosmetics and skin, so they can also 'connect' interaction between bacteria and our skin. It will be better if your brush cleanser contains antiseptics or antibacteria because it will clean your brushes 'more'. I don't know whether this cleanser contains antiseptic or not, because the direction and all are written in korean (huhuhu) but I think it is not. I didn't read any calim about it in the website where I bought this (silly reason though, hehehe)

Before today, I wash my brushes using baby shampoo mixed with olive oil. It is a cheaper way to do brush washing. But lately I want to try another way to wash my brush. Using it's REAL CLEANSER. and my choice comes to Brush Bath from Banila.Co .
the color is soft pink, so cute!

And this is the long-time-not-washed brushes #hammer

Prepare a bowl for the cleanser container.. FYI, the cleanser is already
poured in the bowl, but it is seemless

move the brushes in circular motion in the cleanser. Do it one by one..
Be patient, girls :p
after all done, fill the bowl with water and rinse the brushes,
one by one again. :)

Do rinse repeatedly until the water don't get darker again and
put the brushes on a clean towel

Let them dry naturally. DO NOT using hair dryer or something similar

Steps above are my way to do brush washing. Anyway, keep your brush downward so the water can't get in the brushes' 'roots'. In that way, your brushes will not fall out.

My opinion about this product is the smell is really good. It is soft and just not like soap or baby shampoo which is bubbly. It is not bubbly at all, so it's easier to rinse than using baby shampoo. kekeke

Thank you for reading :)

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