Product Review - K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyeliner

Well, finally I can review a product again! This time I will review an eyeliner from K-Palette. A Japan product that already been reviewed for times and I just bought it since I got my gel eyeliner drying out --a

I thought I ordered K-Palette 1 Day tattoo with red package before, but the one that I get is the pink one. It's okay, I think, because when I tried it out in my palm, the color is VERY black and it can stay well. 
1 Day Tattoo K-Palette Package
One reason for choosing this K-Palette eyeliner is because I prefer the pen type for eyeliner than the liquid or pencil ones. Actually I like gel type eyeliner too, but I just found out that gel type eyeliner is easily drying out in the bottle and I think it is a waste for me while I like its staying power though.

Nah, for this review, I will compare 1 Day Tattoo K-Palette eyeliner with LUCIDarling from Etude House. LUCIDarling is the first pen eyeliner I ever tried and I think it is good enough for me, unless its staying power from water. This is the comparison between LUCIDarling and 1 Day Tattoo:
comparison between LUCIDarling from Etude House and 1 Day Tattoo from K-Palette
brush comparison
Lining comparison (the upper one is from 1 Day Tattoo and the other is LUCIDarling).
See  how black the 1 Day Tattoo is!

This is how they stay after I pour water on them. The 1 Day Tattoo stays QUITE WELL
while LUCIDarling disperses

And see how amazing the 1 Day Tattoo stay power after I rub it! It still seems pretty well!

Okay, I feel satisfiy on the staying power of 1 Day Tattoo, although I still try it on my palm. I hope its brush is as good as LUCIDarling because pen eyeliner I've tried is only LUCIDarling so far. Heheh.. So, for the 10 points, I give 1 Day Tattoo 8 point.

Thank you for reading :)
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  1. di indonesia (bandung dan sby) beli K-Palette dimana? atau belinya online ya?

  2. Setahu saya beli online mbak :)


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