Sometimes, what we can do is just BELIEVING

Sorry for disturbing you again and again about my problem. Not a problem, though, if you see it isn't. Maybe this just caused by my random mind. Please, don't be bored of me, okay? Importantly, don't be bored reading my posts.. Hehehehe..

Things I get from my overthinking mind is, there is such time when all you can do is believing. Have faith is important in this life. Believe that there is 'invisible hand' helps you in time, when you really need help. Always, there is God for us, who makes the dark become light, who gives you things anybody can't. Believe that everything's gonna be okay in the end. Just don't press yourself. 

Now I am looking for something, but I just can't find it anywhere. Very clueless, disoriented. I want to do something, but I don't know what it is. I am lost, you can say it. Lost in my own mind. Even the 'next step' I can't predict it at all. 'What will I do' is a question which I never know the answer. 

Now I know, what I can do is believing. Believe that God will make a way for me, that everything is fine and have a good end. Don't be worried, just keep positive and stay calm..

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