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There are so many 'Question Words' exist in this world of words. They are 'What', 'When', 'Where', 'Who', 'Why', and 'How'. Among all those words, in my opinion, 'Why' is perhaps the important one. Why is it important? (Nah, just now I'm asking using 'why' word, heheh)

Honestly, I found this statement in someone's blog, and I do have the same opinion. So, I want to share my thinking (again) here in my own blog. 'Why' wants reason as the answer. For me, the reason you do something is the most important one. Reasons show people's perspective for their doing. And that's the point of all.

I do really appreciate people who have reason for everything they've done. However strange their actions or decisions, I will appreciate it, as far as the reasons are rational. Just, they will be the responsible one for the outcome of their decisions.

And again, the next word that I think important after 'why' is 'how'. 'How' demands the process as the answer. How you do something, how you achieve your goals, is important. Because, for me, when you walk on the good process, you will gain good results in a long term. However hard the process is, you have to believe, you will get the best in the end.

But anyway, the other question words are important too. It will be better if you get answer from all the six basic question. Heheh..


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