My Opinion about Buying Expensive Cosmetic/Skincare

First of all, I want to say that I think ‘expensive’ is relative, depend on how much your income is. The higher your income level, the higher standard of price you will have.

Yesterday, I went for a walk with my friend when we looked for a skincare counter. Few days ago we bought a magazine that gave us voucher to buy that brand or sample size and gift when we purchase it. I know before that the product is soooo expensive (for me) and I think I will never buy it for any reason. But my friend (who actually rare to find her get attracted to a skincare brand, especially the expensive one), wanted to use the voucher.

Then we go to the counter, asking this or that. AND the beautician said that there is no sample, plus the gift will be given after a purchase worth 2 million! Soooo WOW!! Actually 2 million here, means you will get few things (only) because per item could be worth above IDR 500k, then you can estimate the average price of the other item.. #sigh

Well then, I knew that my decision in the beginning was right, that I will never buy it. Although the advertisement of that brand is so attractive, with a glowy clear skin woman in not-young-age anymore. Well, IT IS SEDUCTIVE! But, back to reality o:)

I ever bought a few of expensive skin product. Then sometimes I re-think, 'will I repurchase it when it out?' Then I get the answer 'Nope'. It is okay for buying expensive skin product, but why you spend much money just for one thing that won't you use again? I might say this, because I'm not kind of person who constantly use the same product for my skin and maybe I don't have a serious problem with mine so I don't take it seriously to use the same product again and again. That's why I think buying expensive skin product could be a waste for me. 

Once again, this is my opinion. What about yours?

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