The 100th Post

Heheh, actually there's no topic in my mind to be written in here, but I want to complete my post number to 100. No point at all, is it? Kekeke..

So, today I did nothing.. I didn't go to campus, I didn't do my essay, I didn't do sewing.. Really nothing, but a job for office. So, I'm a bit tired right now, because I wasn't at home all day until night though. I went to my brother's house, visited him and his wife and my nephew-to-be, and gossiping all day long, then. :p

I ate Sambal Ikan Kayu for the first time too, my sister-in-law made, that was delicious. By browsing I found out that it is peculiar food from Aceh but Ikan Kayu my sister cooked was sent from Sulawesi. So I assume it is well-known in north part of Indonesia. #hammer

The taste is spicy-salty and a bit sour. It is mixture between red onions, chillies, and tomatoes plus Ikan Kayu itself, that been fried all together. Maybe that's all how to make Sambal Ikan Kayu, but actually I don't know, because my sister made it by herself, I didn't help her. :D

All I can say is, IT IS DELICIOUS!! This, I give you picture, but not the one I ate :D
Almost like this *drolling*
Okay, this is my 100th post. Thanks for you that read my posts till now :D


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