Derma Bright - Day 4 (Serum Review)

Hehehe, this may be unimportant post to review a skincare product but I think is okay to share my opinion about this once a while. #endhel

Well, this is my first trying on serum product. I never buy one before because serums are often pricey for me, but this time, err, I bought it impulsively.  --v
FYI, I bought made-in-indonesia product this time, because.. Hmm, I don't know the reason WHY I bought it, okay?  
This product comes from Martha Tilaar, named Biokos, Derma Bright line. The shopkeeper said that it's good for brightening as well anti-wringkle, reduce hyperpigmentation and dark spots, brighten the skin tone and make it glows. It also slows aging process.
I've tried it for 4 days now and the result, hmm, I don't know. Maybe you or other people can see the before-after difference, because me myself can't notice my own appearance. Just sometimes I see my face turning brighter, glowy, a little bit more radiance and over all my face get better! But for dark spot, I think still no advance (still 4 days trial, remember?).

This the product picture
picture taken from

While this serum is pricey enough, about 260k for 30ml (yes, it IS expensive!) and I'm not the type of loyal consumer, means I rarely buy same things repeatedly. So, I think I will not repurchase this product and try another product/brand instead. Hehehe..

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