Lately, I'm not that Healthy

No, I'm not sick or being hurt or anything in between. But I think that lately I drink and eat not-so-healthy food and beverages. I drank too much soda and sweet beverages, ate too many fast food and grilled or fried or greasy meat. Not so many fruits and vegetables, some lazy time, some 'overthink things' time. Conclusion: Such unhealthy life!

So, finally I decided to sign a membership at a sport club with my friend this month. Last Friday was the first time for our attendance there. We did aerobic, dance, and try some fitness tools and the result is: MUSCLE SORENESS SINCE THEN!! Aww,, it's annoying you know, to feel uncomfortable while you move your body.

However, I have to endure it. Moreover I have paid the expense for next 2 months. Yeah, FIGHTING!!

By the way, our first attendance in dance class is the first time we (or only me??dunno..) were called by using 'cece' DIRECTLY!! So, should we call them back using 'meme'?? *thinkdeeply*

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