Today, Had a Blast and Little Thoughts [about Hallyu]

Today, me and friends went to karaoke. By the way, this is the first time I go together with them, intentionally  to sing Kpop song. kekeke.. *devillaugh

Aaaand, they know sooo many Kpop song, while I know only a few of it AND I know most are SNSD's, T-Ara's, and f(x)'s. But it was fun though, karaoke-ing (I dunno the proper vocab, heheh) Kpop almost till the end. After we done karaoke-ing, we ate late lunch on a Korean resto. The food names, I don't know them. The price? Don't ask. Taste? So-so.. However, I love Indonesian food's taste more. :p

Sometimes, I think about this, Korean wave, or hallyu you call it? How can it happen in sudden? Yes, not so sudden, of course there must be a process but it is so fabolous for them managed this hallyu. The beautiful faces on TV, always make us, viewers, adore them MUCH! How can they be that pretty, handsome, have beautiful body? The drama, romance, lifestyle, up-to-date fashion, scenery, are great.

I noted, beauty in Korea is very important. Boys and girls, are the same. They very concerned about their appearance. Boys do make up, dressed well. I heard that there is motto 'there is no place for ugly people' there. Even government subsidize people's insurance for skincare and plastic surgery. Nearly 15% of the cost borne by the government. So, it's not weird that Korean very obsessed on their appearance. Plus, the artists there 'hypnotized' them with their beautiful faces and bodies EVERYDAY!

After all, I'm proud of Indonesia. We have our own beauty, not always white-pale-pink skin, sharp-edged nose, small face, wide eyes, etc..We might have brown/tanned skin, narrow eyes, not-so-sharp nose (read: pesek), but this is us. God creates you with blend of the best, harmonized perfectly. Do make up is okay, but remember the point: it just to make you looked fresh and clean, not to beautify you, because you are beautiful *Cherrybelle song as backsoung* #plakk

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