Be Healthy..

Health is an important thing. If you got sick, you couldn't do any of your activities. Even when you try to do something, you will not get the best result. Sickness ruins your focus, your ability doing things and so on. 

To keep being healthy, the most important things you do is doing sport and do diet. Sport, not only makes you healthy, is also give you a good body shape. As human being, we always want a perfect appearance and ideal body shape. Actually these are the second and third reason of doing sport, but some people make them as their goal of doing sport. Whatever your reason, sport IS good for your health. Period.

Well, lately I try to do sport regularly. My reason? First, I want to move my body, being more active and healthier, of course. Because, I can say, that I can get sick easily and I think it is because my acute laziness. Heheh.. Second reason, I want to be fatter. No kidding. I have a very thin body, I think. My weight is under normal and may be that is also a reason why I get sick easily.

I want to share my experience of doing sport. For me, doing sport makes my body feels stronger. My body feels comfortable and fresh too. I can sleep well at night (okay, I always sleep well, though, kekeke). Besides, now I can manage my weight more stable. Usually, at night I can gain 1kg, but tomorrow morning that 1kg just disappear. But now, my body weight is more stable than usual, it increases little by little. Of course, this because I'm doing sport AND do diet.

Who says diet is for fat people only? Diet is for everyone. Diet is the way you eat right food for your body and health. Diet is an eating habit. For my goal of being healthier, I eat any food that cooked at home. Although I buy food, I make a variance between my daily food. If today I ate meat, I'll try not to eat meat for tomorrow, maybe vegs or fish,or any other kind of food. I accustomed myself to drink juice and add one more glass of milk. Usually I drink chocolate milk in the morning, but now I add one glass of full cream milk at night and mix that milk with honey. Sooo delicious.. 

Maybe that's all my new diet now. I think they works well for my health. But I think, there are things that also important for our health besides your diet and your sport. They are praying, loving, and believing. These are especially for our 'inside' health. I believe that your spiritual health has impact on your body health. You will healthy if you have healthy mind, right?
So, for now I still learn to be more loving others, believe in God's timing, and keep praying for the best. Because us, as human, actually can try as hard as we can but God will make the decision what's best for us.

Keep healthy, guys :)


  1. sip ci kalo uda mau olahraga rutin :)

  2. olahraganya yg kaya gimana bu?

  3. @arin: olahraga senam" gitu kalo aku,body pump, yoga, pilates jg bantu buat bentuk badan..di samping itu,makan yg cukup sama minum susu..

  4. aku juga pernah kaya gitu ce, cuman sekalinya mulai ngebiasain olhraga malah cidera, kata dokter sarafnya kejepit. Sampe skrg jadi parno mau gerak lagi. hehehe
    semangat deh ce, semoga cepet dapet berat ideal yaaaaa :D


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