Product Review - Kose Softymo (Deep Cleansing)

Yeayy!! Finally I 'taste' my new-kind cleanser. It is cleansing oil. Yes, OIL! So, "how come my oily skin gets oil to cleanse it? Doesn't it get more oily?? euhh.." Surprisingly, the answer is: BIG NO! Plus, I have almost-normal-skin-type now. My skin gets less less lesssss oily than before. It doesn't breakout too (thanks God..)

FYI, I use this cleanser when I have a little make up on my face and in the morning after I wake up. I don't trust this cleanser to remove ALL my make up when I have them on my face. I haven't try it out yet, though. Maybe, someday I'll try and I'll review it to you, girls...

For you who want to know how its appearance, here it is..

ALL written in japanese, so I can't read at all, kekeke
By the name 'cleansing oil', at first I thought it would come in sticky texture and uncomfortable to put it on face. When I try it, I found out that this cleansing oil is not sticky at all, but in the same time it feels good to massage our face. I will describe its consistency between water and oil. Not as sticky as oil (such olive oil or balm), but not very watery.

When you put is on your face, it will be like you put oil to massage your face, then you can pour a little water on your face, so the oil will become white (like soap but no foam, yeah, I don't know how to describe :3) and finally you can rinse it with water. Make sure there is no residue on your face, because if you don't rinse it well, there may be a problem such acne or breakout.

Okay, this is for today. Thank you for reading.

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