Everybody has different perspective on things. Perspective or the way you thinking or point of view, I think they are just the same. The point is how your mind respond to certain things. Is it good? Is it bad? Each person has different opinion. Yes, I know that's a free will of human. Whatever you think, whatever you dislike/like,  is up to you.

The point is, I think your perspective really impact to your heart. I mean, when you like somethings, all about that would seems good and you will like everything over it. On the other hand, when you dislike something, you will see all the bad side of it, even the good side can't be seen by you. That's what I called emotion, I think. Emotion to follow your impression of things. 

I'm not judging it is good or bad, to have perspective. I believe if you will have first impression after viewing/experiencing something and it will lead you to conclusion and finally give you a point of view about it. But maybe it would be better if you can control your own mind, not to like/dislike things extremely because it will block you from seeing the most important part of the things.

I believe, everything happen for a reason. Don't close your mind with your emotional feeling. See things around clearly, at least you will get a little lesson from them.

xoxo ^^

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