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Updated Skin Regime

Lately I only shared about product review and my opinion about them then I realise that I haven't written my new skin regime that may be changed after a few months. ehehe..
So, today I will talk about my new skincare routine that I think it really works well on me. Lets's start....

1. Cleansing
This is the most important step on skincare routine. You can't skip this step even once, because everyday (everytime), your skin is exposed to this dirty air and also the sun rays, that will aged your skin quickly. So you need to cleanse your face AND exfoliate it regularly.
I always cleanse my face right after I go home. I use cleansing milk from Wardah or (when I get lazy) I use my Kose Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil in yellow tube. Cleansing milk by Wardah is very gentle (I use the dry-skin-variant) and quickly removes my makeup, but it can't remove my waterproof eyeliner so I have to use Wardah Olive Oil too to remove them. It is a bit troublesome, though, but it really cleanse my face well. On the other hand, Kose Softymo Cleansing Oil can remove my waterproof eyeliner directly, so I only have to rinse it with water and I'm done. So simple *thumbsthumbs*
After I use the Cleansing oil/milk, I always continue with cleansing foam and rinse with water. Right now, I have two cleansing foam, the first is my all-time-favorite cleanser Clean&Clear Acne Clearing Cleanser and the second (first trial and I love it <3) is Hada Labo Mild Peeling. Of course, I use them not in the same time, but alternately. Sometimes I continue with toner, just when I feel I used too much make up that day. Toner I use right now is from Etude House Skin Malgeum Smoother, that I really love the smell which is so refreshing.

Note: After I read my cleansing step above, I think I do so much on cleansing. You don't have to do as much as I do, but remember to cleanse your face really well :)

2. Moisturise
Your skin need moisture that can be obtained from drinking enough water and give external moisturiser. Drinking water is very very important to have a moist glowy skin. So don't skip drinking water, okay?
Next step to keep your skin moisturised, is to apply moisturiser on to your skin. Right now I use Hada Labo product as my moisturiser, that is called Ultimate Moisturizing Lotion. It gives enough moisture to my skin and not make my skin more oily (or oilier? sorry for my bad grammar -,-zzz) because its texture is like water, not a gel or milk.
And when I have a hot day, I love to apply Nature Republic 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel. It does the job on soothing skin and at the same time keep my skin moist. Love love love <3

3. UV Protection
Yes, this is very important. As you already know, sun rays give bad impact to your skin, such as sunburn, dark spot, redness and many more. You NEED to apply sunblock or sunscreen to your skin, especially to the exposed part. Right now I use Skin Aqua UV Moisture Gel SPF 30 PA++ which is for normal to oily skin. I love the gel texture that doesn't make my skin too oily and it is very light to my skin.

Note: Nowadays, the very popular way to care your skin while also using make up is apply BB Cream and the newest trend is CC Cream. They also good to your skin, since they claim have skincare properties such as moisturiser, serum, and UV protection in one product while also as foundation that give coverage. But, I myself prefer to remain applying moisturiser and sunblock first before apply BB/CC cream :)

4. Special treatments
Nah, this is optional steps. You can do it regularly by yourself, at beauty clinic, or even not doing it, is your choice. For me, special treatment is a need, so I do this regularly and sometimes (when needed) I'll go to beauty clinic.
First thing to treat your skin is using mask. I love this treatment because it makes my skin softer, cleaner and fresher. Facial mask that I use the most is from Wardah, the Lightening Face Mask (in blue tube) and Facial Mask (in green tube). I love them because they nourish my skin, give moisture and make my face very soft. I also use Biokos Pure Balance 20s Oil Control Mask occasionally, when I feel my face getting very oily and breakout. Oh, I also use Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask from Holika-holika periodically.
Another special treatment I do is exfoliating. I usually exfoliate my skin using Cure Natural Aqua Gel which I bought a long time ago (and haven't worn out yet). Sometimes, when I want to do natural exfoliating, I use Apple vinegar and apply it on face using cotton pad. Another product I use to exfoliate my skin is Apple AHA Peeling Pad from Beauty Credit

Beside all treatments above, I also do things lately that I feel very influential to my skin condition. If you follow my blogpost, you may know that lately I am very concerned about healthy life. So I do sport regularly and I eat less instant food. And recently I drink warm lemon-green tea every night. FYI, I think I have better skin right now, don't know it is because the green tea or another reason but I believe that your lifestyle can also impact your beautiful skin.


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