My Kind of True Love

Who are you calling 'Your Half'? Is he someone you love? Is he someone you need? Does he mean so much for your life? Why?

I've read somewhere about true love. It's not someone who you love endlessly, forever. Because love fades. It's not someone who you adore by his looks, attitude or anything. Because people changes. True love is when you have someone and you can't stop caring about him. Forever. Your silence, his silence, it doesn't mean you stop caring. Until you both growing old, you just need him to be there. Just the presence is enough.

And I saw that kind of True Love. Not telling 'I love you', but I know the unspoken words that 'I care about you'. The woman is very straight forward, the man is the romantic one. The woman is the 'stay cool' type, and the man is more to 'tender' one. I saw the big gap of character between them, but still, they last until forever.

And one of them is sick now. I know how heartbreaking it is to the other person, but she remains strong.

I'm not a sweet girl who can tell romantic stories. But I write this, my-kinda-romantic-story, just to send them a big hope that everything will be alright. That their love will remains in my heart forever.

That I wish I will have this kind of True Love in my life.

That I believe, True Love is not as sweet as in fairytale.

Yeah, but I want it, though >,<.

Well then,


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