Page Number X

Let's back to Page Number X.
That was the first.
She smiled, surprised.
She was the happiest girl in the world.
She felt she could beat the world.

Let’s back to Page Number X.
The happiness gone.
Time passed, things changed.
She couldn’t feel anything.
Her smile washed away.

Let’s back to Page Number X.
Everything was so blurry.
She tried to find a way.
She decided to start a journey.
Where new life she hoped to be there.
Another chance, maybe.
Wished it would be a better one.

Another surprise.
Different, but same surprise.
‘Is it for me?’ ask her to herself.
Happy, she hugs the present.
‘This will be different,’ she thinks.
She changes, people changes, time changes.
Everything has changed.
Assured. Blessed. Happy.

Let’s back to Page Number X.
Not everything has changed.
Certain things remain the same.
She feels empty.
Will that Page Number X come over again?

2016, February 2nd      

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