Note for Myself

Okay, not for the very first time I experience this. Sometimes people doubt my religion.  I mean, they ask 'are you moslem?' to me. Err, but 'are you chinesse or javanese' question is more often, though.  #noSARA
But today, I experience it cause by my own fault.  Because one or two reasons, I didn't wear my veil. First reason is, I lost my needle and when I try to wear it without needle, it got messed up while I must go home on motorcycle. Second, I thought I will straightly go home, I will meet nobody AND I wear helmet, so I think nobody will recognise me.
Then, it happened. My friend and I drop by a stall to buy food. We met people, we had conversation and one of them asking my religion after knowing where I study. PLUS, one of them know my college friend. Oh NO!
Okay, the point is, I find out that hijab is our identity as a muslimah. It makes you more comfortable and have no worry on anything.
Sorry for my babbling english. This just random post about a WARNING for me today.

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