Hey Friends,, (How to be good friends)

I read my previous post that I wrote a long long time ago about having 'two face'. Then I realize, "hey, I'm good at it!" *smirk*

BUT WAIT!! I'm not doing it on purpose. Just to save friendship, not to be too close like bestfriends but not to be enemy too. Just in the middle, not too good but also not too rude. AND I do this to certain person, just when I really realy sick of their attitude, kekeke..

Just for you readers, I will reveal 'how can I do such thing', not a tutorial or a suggestion. Honestly, I just want to share this story as a 'life-experience' and to learn from it.

I might not a good person too though. Well, I do wrong, I'm selfish, I'm childish and sometimes do bad to others. Sometimes I ask my friends to accompany me here and there, ask for their help, make them in trouble. When they willing to do that to me, means I will do so to them too. I will help them, thank them, accompany them, be there for them. I believe that life is an interaction, a mutual relation between one to another. When you give, you will get. 

I know that some people might be not as good as we want. I met people who I dislike but it's okay because some of them might be dislike me too and interaction between us only 'Hello' or 'how are you?'. But some other, thinks that I will do anything for them. That's the matter. 

So, they always ask me to accompany when they want to go somewhere or wants to share their pain or when they bored. But when they are in happy mood or have a good news, they will never share. Even if they share, it is only to show off. Besides, they always ask me to do something for them but they rarely willing to say 'yes' when I ask them to do something for me. They always say sorry about blablabla and all their disliking about something, want me to listen to them, but they never pay attention when I talk, like they still in their own busy mind. And this is attitude that I dislike the MOST: not sharing things that they have/know (and I/others don't) while they know that we ALL need to have/know. They just keep it to themselves and will reveal it in last minute when they feel 'need for help' from me/us.

Come on, friends! Are you living alone in this world? Are you the only one that busy all the time? Can you talk to yourself and have no need of other creature? Don't you need any help in your life? Remember, LIFE IS AN INTERACTION. You give, you get, you speak, you listen, you help, you're saved. If you only get, speak, saved, means you are undoubtly very selfish. You might not think that I think  (bubling rrrr) like this about you, means I do a good job on 'having two face'. But come on, you can't be like this all of your life! I'm a coward to only write this in blogger, instead of telling you directly. Oh yeah, I still hang out with you, accompany you, help you, but I'm too tired to listen to your story, complaining, obsession. Don't tell me that, just don't. 

I'm sorry. I am your friend, but I can't be your bestfriend. I don't have much time for you, I don't want to wasting time with you. I will do my job as friend, but not my best.

Well, I hope I write well today, bring happiness and give you a new wisdom. Please, be a good friends. Thank you, I love you :)

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  1. nyebelin ya ci, ada orang yang tau info dan kita butuh info itu juga, tapi baru dikasih tau pas mepet-mepet atau pas kita udah gak butuh info itu *curcol :p


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