Welcome 2016!

Good evening all!
Again, the year is already changed! Praise to Allah, I have another chance to experience a new year ahead. And I had a wonderful year back then.

Right on 1st Monday on 2015, I met wonderful friends in the new office. They were very inspiring and motivating me in this one year, helped me to improve myself. We worked together, play together, shared happiness and sadness.

Along the way, we're getting to know more about each other, becoming more than friends: FAMILY. And that filled most of my daily routine in 2015. I think 2015 was the most wonderful yet impactful in my life. I got new perspectives, new motivation, new vision for next page of my life. Yes, meeting new people is great for you!

And I know that if 2015 was a year full of learning, this 2016 will be a fresh start for my career life. Different than another previous years, I have some goals for this new year, one of them is about my blogging life that was downgraded in 2015 :( .

So, happy new year everyone! I hope 2016 will be another fun and impressive year!


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