Behind Your Back

Some people say "don't look behind". Another say "watch your back". Maybe you have to do both, don't look behind while keep watching your back.

What left behind can't be erased and what stays on your back can't be forbidden. Those two things are different. Although to look both you have to turn around. The similarity is both might not things you are considered at. Things that you have to ignore.

Maybe this post seem absurd. She thinks so. But, yeah, now things are overturned to her.



Bayangkanlah bila aku tak lagi menjadi kekasihmu
Bayangkanlah bila bumi tak mampu lagi berputar
Bayangkanlah bila aku terpisah jauh darimu
Bayangkanlah bila mentari tak mampu lagi menyinari dunia

Dengarlah duhai kekasih, hidup tak selamanya indah
Renungkanlah wahai sahabat, hadapilah semua yang akan terjadi

Bayangkanlah bila aku tak setia lagi kepadamu
Bayangkanlah bila mata tak mampu lagi memandang
Bayangkanlah bila aku terpikat hati yang lainnya
Bayangkanlah bila cinta tak mampu lagi mendamaikan dunia

Duhai.. Tuhan.. Kuserahkan hidupku..

That life is not always as good as we wish. But life must go on. Face the reality..

Life must go on means you go forward, not back to the past. So in present, we should prepare for the worst and wish for the best. By that, we may have no sorry for our past because we have already prepared it well.  Think every actions you take and feel the comforts in your heart. Enjoy your life, so there will be no regret in future.

Have a good life everybody..
Happy weekend :)

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