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Everybody has different perspective on things. Perspective or the way you thinking or point of view, I think they are just the same. The point is how your mind respond to certain things. Is it good? Is it bad? Each person has different opinion. Yes, I know that's a free will of human. Whatever you think, whatever you dislike/like,  is up to you.
The point is, I think your perspective really impact to your heart. I mean, when you like somethings, all about that would seems good and you will like everything over it. On the other hand, when you dislike something, you will see all the bad side of it, even the good side can't be seen by you. That's what I called emotion, I think. Emotion to follow your impression of things. 
I'm not judging it is good or bad, to have perspective. I believe if you will have first impression after viewing/experiencing something and it will lead you to conclusion and finally give you a point of view about it. But maybe it would be better if you …

DermaBright Serum (New Update!)

I just remember that I ever promised that I will update any progress on using DermaBright Serum. Well, I haven't use it a long time enough, even the product is already thrown to my friend, hehehe..
I think that product doesn't match my skin. I noticed that every morning after I use the product at night before, my skin gets breakout. A few pimples appear. I don't like it. So I decided to stop using it.
But, girls, don't be afraid. It may be work bad on me, but may do good on your skin. Just try it if you want. Because I think that any skincare and cosmetic products work differently to each person. 
Okay, this is such a very short and random post. Good night everyone :)

Updated Skin Regime

Lately I only shared about product review and my opinion about them then I realise that I haven't written my new skin regime that may be changed after a few months. ehehe.. So, today I will talk about my new skincare routine that I think it really works well on me. Lets's start....

1. Cleansing
This is the most important step on skincare routine. You can't skip this step even once, because everyday (everytime), your skin is exposed to this dirty air and also the sun rays, that will aged your skin quickly. So you need to cleanse your face AND exfoliate it regularly. I always cleanse my face right after I go home. I use cleansing milk from Wardah or (when I get lazy) I use my Kose Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil in yellow tube. Cleansing milk by Wardah is very gentle (I use the dry-skin-variant) and quickly removes my makeup, but it can't remove my waterproof eyeliner so I have to use Wardah Olive Oil too to remove them. It is a bit troublesome, though, but it really cleanse my…

Snail Cream

Tahu kan bahasa Indonesia dari snail? Ya, siput. Hewan yang berjalan dengan perut (saya lupa itu sebutan dalam pelajaran biologi dulu apa), terus meninggalkan jejak lendir di belakangnya. Pernah saya membaca, lendir siput ini bisa menghentikan pendarahan dan mempercepat penyembuhan luka jika diteteskan ke kulit yang sedang luka. Bahkan, untuk pengobatan dalam (oral), lendir siput dipercaya bisa mengobati diabetes, gagal ginjal dan ambeien.

Saya sendiri cukup jijik melihat siput, apalagi memegang, apalagi mengkonsumsinya entah dengan cara apapun. Lalu suatu hari, saya melihat iklan online shop tentang produk kecantikan berbahan dasar lendir siput. Produk ini menyebutnya snail cream yang berarti berbentuk krim, bukan lendir. Saya baca-baca deh klaim produk ini yang katanya bisa menghilangkan/menyamarkan kerutan, bekas luka, bahkan keloid, flek, dll. Produk inilah yang membuka mata saya (wuzz) tentang keberadaan lendir siput di tengah-tengah 'skincare hype' saat itu. Plus, waktu …

Hey Friends,, (How to be good friends)

I read my previous post that I wrote a long long time ago about having 'two face'. Then I realize, "hey, I'm good at it!" *smirk*
BUT WAIT!! I'm not doing it on purpose. Just to save friendship, not to be too close like bestfriends but not to be enemy too. Just in the middle, not too good but also not too rude. AND I do this to certain person, just when I really realy sick of their attitude, kekeke..
Just for you readers, I will reveal 'how can I do such thing', not a tutorial or a suggestion. Honestly, I just want to share this story as a 'life-experience' and to learn from it.
I might not a good person too though. Well, I do wrong, I'm selfish, I'm childish and sometimes do bad to others. Sometimes I ask my friends to accompany me here and there, ask for their help, make them in trouble. When they willing to do that to me, means I will do so to them too. I will help them, thank them, accompany them, be there for them. I believe that …

Kita dan Orang Tua

Okay, first of all.. Saya bukan orang tua, saya belum punya anak. Cuma yaa saya ingin menulis tentang beberapa hal tentang orang tua dilihat dari sudut pandang saya sebagai anak. Hehehe..
1. Keinginan kita vs keinginan orang tua Kita semua pasti sudah tahu, bahwa semua orang tua pasti menginginkan hal terbaik untuk anaknya. Tidak ada (kalaupun ada, mungkin tidak banyak :p) orang tua yang ingin menjerumuskan anaknya, membuat anaknya sedih, hidup susah, dan hal buruk lainnya. Memang kadang ada perbedaan antara keinginan kita dengan keinginan orang tua. Sebagai anak, alangkah baiknya jika kita patuh pada keinginan/nasehat orang tua. Bukankah restu orang tua adalah restu Tuhan?

Yeah, kadang memang susah sih.. Kita pengen banget A, tapi orang tua lebih suka B. Kadang-kadang, kita berpikir, 'this is my own life. I know what I want and I'm the one that will live on my choice, not them. So why should they force their decision on me?' Pernahkah Anda berpikir seperti itu? Menurut say…